Netfirms’s Sign-Up application allows new customers to purchase web hosting packages and domain registrations. PHP sessions, HTML forms, AJAX, and some DOM scripting are used to facilitate the registration process. The bulk of the logic for handling errors and dealing with each registration step is centralized for use by multiple sign-up paths.

  • Integrated the look and feel from the designer’s mock-ups
  • Coded sign-up streams for each of the company’s four web sites
  • Created promotional and product-specific sign-up streams as needed by the marketing department
  • Incorporated the Omniture Sitecatalyst analytics code and Google Analytics code to assist the marketing team with monitoring site usage patterns

Control Panel

A custom-built application used by hundreds of thousands of customers to manage their domain registrations and web hosting activities. Built on PostgreSQL, Perl, XML, XSL, HTML, CSS, JavaScripting and JQuery.

  • Demonstrated that XSLT could be used to standardize the interface widgets
  • Provided customers with the means to manage hosting features such as E-Mail accounts, MySQL databases, and single-click web application installations
  • Improved the renewal and upgrade interfaces by dynamically generating more product options
  • Utilized web scraping techniques to enable the marketing team to inject their sales ads

Netfirms System Administration Application (NSAA)

The “NSAA” is an internal office application used by all departments to perform their daily tasks. It was built to bring together various rogue applications, so that they could be shared between departments. The NSAA is often my testing ground to demonstrate previously unused technologies such as DOM Scripting, AJAX, and PHP objects.

  • Designed the application framework using PHP
  • Wrote the order verification interface used by the billing department to filter out fraudulent orders
  • Coded various interfaces to manage customer E-Mail accounts, MySQL databases, and product renewals
  • Managed the creation and termination of user accounts

Customer E-Mail

Automated E-Mails are sent out to customers for various reasons, which include product renewal reminders, order confirmations, invoices, and resource abuse warnings

  • Wrote the mail dispatcher program in Perl, which assembles the E-Mail from a template with information populated from the database
  • Programmed the SQL views to retrieve customer information from the database
  • Coded HTML and plain text versions of the E-Mail templates
  • Base64-encoded images for E-Mails
  • Updated E-Mail content for the billing, technical support, and marketing departments as required
  • Tested E-Mails in popular clients (Outlook, Thunderbird), and web-based services (G-Mail, Yahoo, Hotmail) to ensure compatibility


Dujeux Designs - http://dujeuxdesigns.com/

A portfolio site showcasing the works of New York based jewellery designer, Céline Dujeux. The site features several photo galleries of Céline's designs, as well as some biographical information about her. Photography credits go to Céline.

  • PHP, MySQL, HTML, and CSS
  • Communicated ideas with client remotely


Hiding In The Light - http://hidinginthelight.com/

My photoblog web site with RSS Feed.

  • Written with PHP, HTML 5, CSS, and JavaScript (JQuery)
  • Managed image information with a MySQL database
  • Designed layout with Photoshop
  • Created image elements in Photoshop
  • Stored Twitter statuses in local database via JSON
  • Incorporated Google Analytics and Sitemap

CanadaWears - http://canadawears.ca/

Throughout the year I attend and photograph a variety of fashion shows. The photos are showcased on this web site.

  • PHP, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery
  • Coded PHP scripts to generate static HTML files
  • Designed layout with Photoshop
  • Created image elements in Photoshop
  • Integrated a WordPress Blog
  • Post-processed photographs in Adobe Lightroom